7 Great Ways to Boost Staff Morale at Work

The past two years have been hard on many company teams. As leaders, we need to boost team morale.

Higher morale means less turnover, fewer call-out days, and higher productivity.

The return in loyalty will pay for any expense these activities might cost.

1 – Exercise together

Consider doing morning yoga

Consider doing morning yoga, tai chi, or simply walking with the entire team. If everyone starts their day with activity, they will not only feel better, but will also have time to laugh and bond. If you offer yoga and not everyone wants to take part, offer alternatives at the same time or later.

Whatever you offer should probably not be too intense, so everyone doesn’t get sweaty, but it can be healthy and fun.

2 – Flexible schedule

Flexible Working Conditions

Offer your staff the ability to come in when they choose, if your business model allows it. This helps people negotiate around children leaving for school, childcare, and traffic. As long as the work is getting done, it shouldn’t be an issue when people come and go.

The easiest way to implement this type of policy is to have everyone sign up for the time they want to work. You’ll know when everyone is going to be in. Make sure you fix your schedule too. Be a part of the team.

3 – Free lunch Friday

Free lunch Friday’s

It can sound expensive, but offer everyone a free lunch on Fridays. In a small office, this can mean placing an order at a local restaurant. I’m a larger office, you can have food catered in. Watch for food allergies, sensitivities, etc. If someone truly can’t take part because of a serious illness or allergy, offer to buy their lunch separately or give them a small stipend for their food on Fridays.

4 – Random gifts

Random gifts

Create a random gift giving program. If you have a large team, set up a completely random selection system that prevents any favouritism. In a small office, you can buy everyone the same thing. The gift might be something for their desk, a gift card for coffee, or a coupon for a free half-day off. Be creative. Even the gifts can be randomly chosen.

Make sure everyone understands that it’s random and they are free to give away or exchange their gifts as they see fit.

5 – Stay “Thank you”

Sincere gratitude might be the most powerful gift!!

Sincere gratitude might be the most powerful gift you can give your team. So often, the only time we speak to our team one-on-one is when we have a complaint. Start by calling everyone into your office and expressing your gratitude. Then praise people in public often and loudly.

Make sure you have specific things to thank them for, not just for showing up to work. Even the cleaning crew is working hard to take care of your business. Thank everyone.

6 – Mini-sabbatical

Sabbatical Leave

Take a day every month to go do something fun. It can be as simple as a day at the park, playing games and eating. Go to an amusement park. Take everyone on a nature hike. Depending on where you live, the choices are endless. The goal is just to give everyone a break from work, even though they’re being paid.

7 – Community volunteering

Get them to help out in community events

One of the best ways to build morale is to help others. By making it a priority for your team to go out and do something good together, you’ll build your team and help strengthen your community. Cooking for the poor, cleaning a park, or taking shelter dogs for walks can all be perfect for building team morale. It’ll make you feel good as well.

Boosting Morale Starts with Wanting To

Nearly anything to boost morale will be helpful in the long run

Nearly anything to boost morale will be helpful. For most employees, it’s not that the company doesn’t hit the mark every time; it’s that most companies simply never try.

Make it clear to your team that you want them to be happier. Ask them what they need to do that. Many will have excellent answers that are 100% actionable.

We hope we’ve given you a list of some good stay at home activities. It can be hard staying active when you’re working from home. Implement these tips to keep your home office healthy.

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