Starting a Job as a Plasterer this week, How do you really grow or expand your business?

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Seasonal factors to consider when starting out as a plasterer:

Exterior finishing such as rendering is very dependent on the outside weather and there may be times when very wet or very cold conditions prevent you from working outside.

The construction industry is generally at its busiest during spring and summer, so demand for both outdoor and indoor plastering services may be quieter during the winter months than in spring and summer time.

The local market

shutterstock_65279827Three 3  important factors that will affect your business are:

  • the number of potential customers
  • the type of products and services that they are likely to require (for example traditional plastering, heritage plastering techniques, ornamental plasterwork, external rendering, commercial grade floor screeds and so on)
  • the amount of existing competition

Do some market research to find out more about your potential customers and your competitors.

Other Important matters.

Also bear in mind the following points when estimating your Cash sales:

  • your reputation is very important. Building a reputation for quality, honesty and reliability among your customers will help to ensure that you get repeat business and recommendations. It can also affect the rates that you are able to charge
  • projecting the right image for your business will help you to maximise sales. You could, for example, look into joining a reputable trade association. Effective advertising can also be important and will help your business to fulfil its potential
  • trade clients such as building contractors may check that you and your employees hold Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards before they use your services. They will probably prefer to use sub-contactors who are Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) registered, and perhaps those who meet the requirements of British Standards Institution (BSI) certification
  • there is a range of different work that you might decide to undertake, depending on your skills and facilities
  • getting your prices right is crucial. Do you need to keep your prices as low as possible to attract customers, or can you charge premium prices for a premium service?
  • the amount of work potentially available may be greater if you are prepared to travel to undertake contracts located elsewhere

If you need to speak to a  CIS Advisor, please contact us on 0208 679 4690 or need TO REGISTER for the Construction Industry Scheme today,  please Visit our  website. 

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