JUST Started Work as A builder, Decorator or Plumber in the Construction Industry?

All contractors must register with HMRC for the Construction Industry Scheme.

Electricians - KG AccountantsSubcoactors who do not wish to have deductions made from their payments at the higher rate of deduction should also register with HMRC. HMRC will provide registration details that contractors and subcontractors will need to use when they deal with payments.

Verifying subcontractors

Before a contractor can make a payment to a subcontractor for construction work, they may need to verify with HMRC that the subcontractor is registered. you need to check whether the subcontractor is registered with HMRC and then tell the contractor the rate of deduction they must apply to the payment, or whether the payment can be made without any deductions.

Making deductions from payments Under the scheme,

All payments made from contractors to subcontractors, must take account of the subcontractors’ tax status.

This may require the contractor to make a deduction, which they then pay to HMRC from that part of the payment that does not represent the cost of materials incurred by the subcontractor.

If no deduction is required, the contractor can make the payment to the subcontractor in full.

If a deduction is required, the contractor must:

1.calculate the deduction

  1. make the deduction
  2. record details of the payment, materials and deduction
  3. make the net payment to the subcontractor
  4. complete and give the appropriate statement of deduction to the subcontractor


Limited Company Registration and all the initial Setup. 

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