Community Interest Company Accounts

Community Interest companies (CICS) A CIC is a special breed of a limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than its shareholders.

Community Interest Accounts

In addition to the initial Community Interest Statement, every CIC must file an annual Community Interest Report alongside its accounts. This is filed at Companies House and copied to the CIC Regulator, and as its name suggests, should assert what the CIC has done to benefit thecommunity during the year.

Community Interest Accounts

If you have not yet filed Annual Accounts for a CIC (Community Interest Company), then please beware that the process and procedures for filing the Annual Accounts at Companies House is different from normal electronic filings.

Firstly, you cannot file electronic Annual Accounts. These must be done by paper. it does help to allow enough time as possible.

In order to file the Annual Accounts you will need to prepare a form CIC 34 also.

Community Interest People

CIC Accounting

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Arrange a FREE CIC initial consultation.

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