COVID-19 Community Fundraising

community fundraising
Community Fundraising

Bodies and minds need constant motion and stimulation to stay healthy. In this trying time, one or the other emphasis slips through the cracks. To compensate for more at-home time, many people look for opportunities to help their communities.

No matter how much the government does to help out, there will always be people falling through the cracks. Community fundraising offers opportunities to people to fill those cracks and use extra time and energy. 

Not everyone understands the risks and trials associated with fundraising for charities. It’s a difficult thing to learn, and against the backdrop of the pandemic, reveals additional challenges.

Charity Fundraising Events

fundraising event

Charities offer people opportunities that have become almost inseparable from the fundraising efforts themselves. People take part in charity events to give back and to see others giving back. It’s a bit of a social spectacle but an important one for reinforcing the value of community.

Right now, it’s difficult to craft a social event that doesn’t fill people with dread or remind them of the gulf between the state of things now and the recent past. Raising money for charity needs to continue, if not increase, to aide the most vulnerable.

The following advice categories offer practical solutions to emerging challenges.

Understand Risk Categories

This applies equally to those helping and those being helped. Volunteers need to self-monitor according to guidelines and make staying safe a priority. The at-risk can’t be helped by those who represent a risk.

Flexibility in Many Places

Charity Fundraising

Staffing of charity and outreach programs is notoriously difficult. Scheduling is even more difficult with the additional strain of child care, sudden cancellations, and the latency of working from home.

Programming extra flexibility and redundancy into the work keeps things moving. 

Structure and Opportunity Seeking

Even with things being difficult, many avenues of assistance exist. Between the government, corporations, international aid, and other charity groups there’s a lot of possibilities to explore.

Establishing a CIC or another legal body helps ground an organization and open doors to these resources.

Communication Channels

Social Media

Information moves slower than the avalanche of changes that occur whenever a group of people attempts to do anything. 

A routine appraisal of communication options and channels offers help to everyone involved with a community fundraising effort. They know where to turn when they have questions and who to contact if they need to update conditions on the ground.

Revisions and Reforecasting

Making New Forecasts

Even established charity organizations need charity Accountants to stay vigilant of changes to budgets and event costs. In times of heightened anxiety, these numbers can fluctuate more quickly. 

Offering transparency and being tentative with budgets enables a group to avoid overpromising and under-delivering. 

Digital Solutions

The more robust the online and digital offerings, the more people are able to participate.

A website that is clear and direct, that offers secure donations and transparency garners confidence. 

It’s important that users and visitors feel they are in the loop with how things are going without needing to interact with anyone directly. 

Reach Out for Help

Charity Accountants

Despite the challenges, there’s rarely been a more crucial need for community fundraising and support. 

Motivating and coordinating people takes a lot of effort. Learning how to manage and structure those funds responsibly doesn’t have to be a crucial part of the enterprise. Contact KG Accountants for assistance today. 

Call us today on 0207 953 8913 or complete our enquiry form in order to book a FREE initial consultation.

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