June Roundup of the Latest CIC Grant Funding Advice

June is a month of change for those looking to grow their community interest company (CIC). Why? Because our latest grant funding advice is available!

CICs help our communities flourish. However, organisations themselves need a boost from time to time. By taking advantage of grants, community interest companies offer benefactors an opportunity to invest locally and help support local economies.

CIC grants are a great way to provide funding for your community interest company, but you need to know where to look. The following grant funding tips may help you meet your organisation’s community-based needs.

Keep reading for the June round-up of the latest CIC grant funding advice.

1. Richmond Parish Lands Charity

Educational Support

The Richmond Parish Lands Charity supports other existing and startup charities. These organisations include CICs, CIOs, sports associations and other nonprofit groups.

1. What They Fund

The trustees of RPLC consider organisations for funding each quarter. During the meetings, they weigh factors such as community needs, value for money and evidence of effectiveness. The organisation also accepts applications for crisis grants from organisations on behalf of individual community recipients

2. Criteria and Eligibility

The RPLC limits grants to organisations and needy individuals. These entities must live and work with and the organisation’s benefit area, which includes SW13, SW14, TW 9 and TW10. In general, this area covers all of Richmond Borough on the Richmond side of the Thames River.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

The organisation offers grant amounts in four distinct amounts—grants under and over £1,000 for community projects and individual education grants over and under £1,500. Organisations can also apply for various crisis grants in amounts of £300, £500 and £600, depending on recipient criteria.

4. How to Apply For a Grant

Applicants must turn in their request for funding before annual meetings. The application deadlines are as follows:

• The deadline for the 1 September 2021 meeting is 15 July 2021.
• The deadline for the 1 December 2021 meeting is 15 October 2021.

You can apply for Richmond Parish Lands Charity funding by following the appropriate links on the group’s application page.

2. Tower Hill Trust


The Tower Hill Trust operates two grant programmes—the Main Grant and Biodiversity Grant Programmes. The main grant programme supports the creation and development of open spaces and gardens across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Meanwhile, the Biodiversity Grants Programme supports its namesake in schools, charities, and community groups near or in housing estates or community gardens.

1. What They Fund

The group provides funds that support the building or support of facilities for leisure and recreation. Also, it provides the same for the support of educational facilities.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

Applicants must apply for funding for projects that meet two or more of the Tower Hill Trust’s objectives. These objectives include:

• Provisioning gardens and open spaces for the community
• Provisioning and supporting facilities for recreation and leisure
• Provisioning support of educational facilities

The organisation also works to provide relief for the ageing population, handicapped and poor.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

The Tower Hill Trust doesn’t disclose how much funding it provides through its main grants programme. However, the organisation’s Biodiversity Grant programme provides funding that ranges from £100 to £2,000.

4. How to Apply For a Grant

The organisation does not accept fund inquiries via email or post. Applicants for Tower Hill Trust funding must complete the application process online.

3. Royal Victoria Hall Foundation

theatre projects in London

Each year, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation awards 20 to 30 grants for small-scale professional theatre projects in London. It issues disbursements twice a year.

1. What They Fund

The organisation funds professional productions that need financial support. They also provide funding to introduce high-quality live performances to non-traditional theatregoers.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

Funding applicants must confirm that they have a venue booked for production. Also, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation awards grants to theatre companies only, not individual performers.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

Applicants must request a specific grant amount during the application process. The organisation provides grants that range from £250 to £2,000.

4. How to Apply For a Grant

In part, the application process for Royal Victoria Hall Foundation funding includes crafting a cover letter outlining your project. You must also provide a detailed description of your project’s artistic content. You can view the full requirements for the application process on the organisation’s website.

• The deadlines for applying for the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation grant are 1 February and 1 August.

4. Hackney Parochial Charities

relieve poverty in Hackney

Since 1833, the three parishes of Hackney distributed charitable funds throughout the community for the Church of England. Today, Hackney Parochial Charities continues that tradition to support individuals that live in the area.

1. What They Fund

The group funds organisations that work to relieve poverty in Hackney. Applicants must live in Hackney or sponsor a project that will benefit the Hackney community.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

Hackney Parochial Charities accepts applications from both individuals and organisations. They also provide funding for projects.

The group provides an extensive list of initiatives that they will not sponsor. For example, they will not respond to general solicitations. Nor do they support local authorities, such as schools, colleges or universities.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

Hackney Parochial Charities does not disclose how much funding it provides to beneficiaries.

4. How to Apply For a Grant

You must complete the online application for either an individual or a project on the WHPC website. Also, you must state your total grant request for each year that you’re applying for funding on the application. The annual application deadlines are as follows:Individual and Project Grants

• 9 January
• 11 April
• 14 August
• 9 OctoberStrategic (Organisation) Grants

• 9 October

Hackney Parochial Charities encourages applicants to reach out to verify eligibility if needed.

5. Trust for London


The Trust for London works to improve conditions that lead to inequality and poverty. The organisation supports innovative ways to address the root causes of social problems in London.

1. What They Fund

The group emphasises supporting initiatives that the government is unlikely to fund. Also, the Trust for London supports groups that respond to new issues using creative means.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

The Trust for London funds charitable activities. For example, they may provide funding for projects or operating costs for organisations that align with their goals. Also, the group offers a list of projects that it will not fund, such as projects for organisations outside of London or those that intend to replace funding for services usually provided by the government.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

The Trust for London awards £11 million in grant funding annually. The group intends to distribute £40 million in total funding between 2018 and 2023. In general, they expect funding requests that range between £20,000 and £30,000.

4. How to Apply For a Grant

You must complete the online application for the appropriate programme to apply for funding. You can apply for any of seven of the group’s funding programmes. You can download and review the funding guidelines for each programme on the Trust for London website.

• The next funding round opens on one July 2021 and closes on 5 October 2021 at 1 PM.

6. London Catalyst

Promote Wellbeing
Promote Wellbeing

Since 1873, London Catalyst has worked to improve the health of Londoners. Its founding members include notable figures, such as Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Baroness Burdette-Coutts and William Henry Smith.

1. What They Fund

True to its name, the organisation intends to act as a catalyst for change. For example, it might provide funding to develop a new project or to improve existing community services.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

London Catalyst supports organisations that improve health and well-being. The group also supports organisations that help uplift people from poverty.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

The group divides £30,000 between three grant programmes annually. Grant amounts range from £1,000 to £5,000.

On average, recipients receive awards of about £3,000. However, London Catalyst will consider larger grants for initiatives considered “catalytic” and impactful.

4. How to Apply For a Grant

You can apply for London Catalyst funding using the group’s online application form. The organisation encourages applicants to call if they need assistance with the application process.

London Catalyst awards funding during its annual grant committee meetings, before which you must submit your application. The remaining 2021 annual meeting dates are on 7 September and 16 November. The group requests that organisations turn in their applications at least four weeks before the meeting dates.

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