August Roundup of the Latest CIC Grant Funding Advice

Who doesn’t need more funding? Community organisations and government projects rely on successful grant applications to move forward.

And with July behind us, community interest companies are full speed ahead on the impact they can make over the next quarter of the fiscal year.

The landscape of grant funding available is changing almost daily. Companies need to be aware of the new changes coming down the pike. That’s what this article is all about.

This is the August CIC roundup. The goal is to cover all of the most recent opportunities in CIC grant funding. The hope is that, with this information, community interest companies can remain nimble and better navigate the funding process. Organisations can be more successful at getting the funding they need and, ultimately, helping the people who deserve it most. The benefactors of their organisation.

Let’s get started.

1. The Matthew Good Foundation

The Matthew Good foundation is a new opportunity available this month for CIC funding. This organisation provides funding to various projects on a short-term basis.

The foundation conducts project reviews every ninety days and chooses from a shortlist of projects available. There are typically five projects to choose from. These projects have positive impacts on local communities, the environment, or people.

Funding from The Matthew Good Foundation has been helping companies support worthwhile causes throughout the UK for years. But 2021 marks the eleventh year of the foundation’s existence.

In honour of this occasion, the foundation is extending its reach to smaller charities, social entrepreneurs, and community projects. 10,000 pounds is available for funding of all five of the projects nominated. The more votes a project receives, the bigger the donation will be.

Each project will receive votes from John Good Group employees. The project with the most votes will receive 3,500 pounds, second place receives 2,500, and third place 2,000 pounds, and fourth and fifth place will both receive 1,000 pounds each.

Who Can Apply?

Applications should focus on causes that have gained 50,000 pounds or less in the last year. Any local community group, social enterprise, or volunteer group is welcome to apply. The only requirement is that they must focus on having a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Organisations who wish to apply don’t need to be registered charities. However, The Matthew Good Foundation does require that applicants have a bank account linked to their organisation or project.

How to Apply for a Grant

The application process is simple. Applicants don’t need to worry about lengthy, intimidating forms. The foundation is keeping its online form simple and straightforward.

All that’s needed is contact information, a brief description of the organisation or project’s work thus far, and how they plan to use the funds. A reference from someone outside the organisation will be necessary as well.

2. The Ecosurety Exploration Fund

This fund is offering 1,000,000 pounds worth of funding. That funding focuses on the objective of reducing environmental waste from packaging, batteries, or WEEE. They’re accomplishing this goal through widespread research and innovation throughout the UK.

Ecosurety is receiving applications from 9 am GMT June 8, 2021, to 4 pm GMT August 24, 2021. The application form is accessible right on their website and there is no limit to the number of submissions.

The fund offers an application guidelines document to help submissions meet their requirements. They recommend filling out the guideline questionnaire in full before submitting your application.

The guidelines include several questions applicants should be able to answer directly about their project. A tentative budget for the project is necessary as well. Answers to application questions need to meet a word count limit, but applicants can save their application right in the online form and resume at a later date.

3. Theatres Trust

Theatres Trust is a funding programme with a focus on small grants. It’s supported by the larger Linbury Trust and together their goal is to increase the sustainability, accessibility, and resilience of theatres countrywide.

These grants will provide 5,000 pounds of funding for essential projects to theatres throughout the UK. Eligible projects are any public works to the infrastructure of the theatre itself and projects that provide not-for-profit theatres with the equipment and infrastructure necessary to move into the digital age.

Although the fund does plan to help theatres with all of the above, it will place priority on building projects. Anything that helps to improve the attendance and participation in the theatre will take precedence.

Any building survey costs, theatre revenue, and theatre software would be ineligible under this funding programme.

Who Can Apply

There will be two rounds of funding offered by The Theatres Trust in 2021. To apply, applicants must meet a few specific criteria.

Theatres who wish to apply need to make sure they are actively running productions. If a theatre is currently running less than thirty programmes per year, it can’t apply for programme funding.

Managers also need to be managing theatre buildings with a 5-year lease or more. Leases need to be signed and available to be submitted along with application paperwork. The theatre buildings also need to be located in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, or Wales to qualify.

How to Apply

Theatres Trust encourages applicants to call before applying. Their theatre advisor will be more than happy to help. It may help applicants to read through the organisation’s terms and conditions before applying.

The next application deadline is November 8, 2021, at 5 pm.

4. St. Olave’s Foundation Funds

St. Olave’s Foundation provides funding to help youth organisations in the area. The fund offers application requirements, as well as guidance notes for how to apply, on their website.

Once a CIC reads through the documents, the rest of the process is a simple 4-step process.

The first step is accessing the grant application form via the link on their website. Then, applicants need to make sure the form is enabled before downloading it to their device. Otherwise, they will be unable to fill out the form.

St. Olave’s requests that applicants answer all of the questions on the form to determine their eligibility. Once the form is properly filled out, simply email to the email address provided on St. Olave’s website.

5. Peabody Community Fund

This fund focuses on bringing aid to residents throughout the London area. They are associated with The London Community Foundation and their goal is to bring a better quality of life to Peabody residents.

To qualify for funding for this CIC funding, community interest companies need to be focusing on projects that address one or more of three criteria affecting Peabody residents’ quality of life. The three criteria that are the main focus of the Peabody Community Fund are projects that keep Peabody residents healthy, wealthy, and happy.

“Healthy” projects can focus on improving residents’ physical or emotional well-being. “Wealthy” projects focus on improving the financial situation of Peabody residents. This can be through providing a job, a new enterprise opportunity, or providing some kind of financial education. “Happy” projects would be those that help Peabody residents lead more fulfilling lives.

This can be anything that promotes being an active citizen or volunteer opportunities. Anything that gets Peabody residents more active in their local community and helps them to feel like they’re making a difference.

Available Funding

The amount of grant funding available through this programme depends on the length of the project and the community interest company’s income.

The Peabody Community Fund is open to giving recurring rounds of funding to the right applicants. This is because the programme wants to support longstanding projects to improve the community.

Companies with an income less than or equal to 250,000 pounds will be eligible for 10,000 pounds of funding per year over a two-year period. Companies with an income between 250,001 and 500,000 pounds can receive 15,000 pounds per year over two years.

The next application deadline is Friday, December 10, 2021, by 12 noon.

More information regarding application guidelines, and neighbourhoods the fund wishes to focus on this year, can be found on the grant application website.

6. The Young People’s Fund

Also offered this year through The London Community Foundation is The Young People’s Fund. This particular grant funding opportunity is aimed at the younger residents of the Peabody community.

Funding will be awarded to companies taking on violence affecting young people in several boroughs throughout the area. Community interest companies that focus on youth work will also be eligible.

Youth organisations that want to apply for this funding need to benefit children between the ages of 11 and 25. They also need to have at least 25% Peabody residents in their youth organisation, and at least 50% need to be housing association residents citywide.

Available Funding

The funding available to community interest companies through this grant is also dependent on income.

Grants between 3,000 and 10,000 pounds will be available to cover project costs. Applicants must have a company income of less than 500,000 pounds to be eligible.

The next application deadline for this programme is Friday, September 3, 2021, by 5 pm.

Giving Keeps On Giving

The month of August is full of funding opportunities and grant programmes throughout the UK. Community interest companies have a lot of ways to keep helping their benefactors. Giving is the gift that keeps on giving.

The more opportunities to increase resources and increase your CIC’s outreach, the better. Set up your subscription to the KG accountants CIC fund today. Get the inside tip on new funding and grant opportunities to help your organisation make a real impact.

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