6 Effective Strategies for Boosting Employee Morale

The pandemic has hit everyone, and employees are starting to look for happier work environments. We look at boosting employee morale and retention rates.

Way to Moral

It’s safe to say the world isn’t the same one we left behind back in 2019. With COVID-19 affecting workers worldwide, we’re starting to understand what’s important in life. And, as business owners, leaders, and managers, it’s a challenge for everyone to get back into the positive mindset of yesteryear.

So what can be done to support the team and bring that spark back to their lives as they return post-COVID? Let’s take a look at six effective strategies for boosting employee morale.

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1. Allow Flexible Remote Working

Of course, not everyone is happy to stay at home nor happy to go back to work. But for some, home is their safe space. They might have even seen some of their own colleagues’ performance shoot through the roof this last year!

Flexible remote work is the number one priority for most employees right now, especially those used to being on leave or working from home full time.

Flexibility boosts morale as it gives staff enough time to adjust to the balance between work and home once more, without having the sudden emotional stress of travelling to the office on a full-time basis.

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2. Encourage an Open-Door Policy

If someone needs help or advice from another staff member, they should be able to come straight to them, no matter where they are. That will give people confidence knowing there is always someone available if needed. It also shows trust in others within the organisation.

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3. Review HR Metrics

Now we’re in a different landscape, are HR metrics relevant? Is office attendance the same issue it once was, or does the business operate on a “get the job done” basis instead?

They should give careful consideration to all existing HR metrics and amend where appropriate. That way, it’ll avoid confusion and have a stronger retention strategy moving forward. 

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4. Keep Employees Informed About Updates and Changes

Keeping staff informed is key. Whether it’s new policies and procedures or updates to software systems, if anything changes, ensure their employees know what’s going on via internal emails or social media channels.

Team members won’t feel unheard during times of uncertainty. They’ll appreciate being up to date. Everyone understands the pressures on companies to reopen offices. Making sure their team knows what’s happening is paramount.

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5. Give Power to Employees

For those employees who love a challenge, leaders should give out extra responsibilities. Leaders will have enough to do trying to run the business itself.

See this as an opportunity to talent spot who adapts to change the best. Someone could handle a crisis well enough to become the next leader in the team.

The business can get them involved in creating an employee happiness programme or running virtual meetings to give them a more hands-on approach.

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6. Become a Leader, Not a Manager

Finally, don’t be a manager. Be a leader.

Leaders inspire others by example. They encourage their teams to thrive in turbulent landscapes.

The team will see how much effort goes into making sure they have everything they need to succeed.

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Boosting Employee Morale Reduces Staff Turnover

Remember, these retention strategies for boosting employee morale don’t end with COVID. These apply to anyone struggling in the workplace for whatever reason.

But whatever they do, there’s nothing more valuable to the team than bosses showing them that they feel appreciated and valued for all their hard work and efforts. Do that, and the team’s already on the right path to success.

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