November Roundup of the Latest CIC Grant Funding Advice

It’s that time again! We’re nearing the end of the year but there are still two months left in 2021.


Community Interest Companies still have a lot of opportunities to impact their local community. Organisations are still providing funding as long as your community interest project fits their mould.

November is as good a month as any to apply for CIC grant funding. You and your team may still be able to get a project or two in before the end of 2021. And, you can also start to set a budget and timeline for 2022.

Apply for a grant

Welcome to the November roundup – we’re going to cover all of the late-year funding opportunities available to CICs. We’ll also cover the exact criteria and deadlines around each project. This way, if you and your team have something in mind, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get the funding you need.

There’s a lot of information to cover and a lot of exciting opportunities to share. So, get your pencil and pad ready.

It’s time to get started!

1. The National Churches Trust

Alone church

The National Churches Trust is offering funding opportunities to a variety of CICs through their Gateway Grants programme. The funding provided is for investigative and development work involved with Church improvement projects.

Appropriate projects should be approaching RIBA Stage I status. They can also aid churches considering a project with a larger scope. The National Churches Trust will provide money to help develop a church project to the point where it’s eligible for funding from a major grant source.

Funding Details

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This funding is available for community churches throughout the UK. The Trust is offering access to funding amounts between 3,000 and 10,000 pounds for urgent repair and maintenance projects. The entire cost of the project needs to be anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 pounds to qualify.

Grants offered by the National Churches Trust will never be for more than 50% of the project cost. The Trust offers funding to support the organisational development of churches, as well.

St Albans Cathedral in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England

Through their programmes, the National Churches Trust is already making a huge impact in local church communities throughout the UK. The organisation is responsible for removing 26 churches and chapels from the Heritage At Risk Register in 2020.

Up until this point, the Trust has awarded 1.7 million pounds worth of funding. This money has gone on to make 260 church projects possible. These projects included urgent maintenance and repairs, new facilities, and church project development.

The application deadline is 13 November 2021. Decisions on project funding will occur in March 2022 and the grant application is on the National Churches Trust’s website.

2. The True Colours Trust

disabled man with his care helper

The True Colours Trust offers amazing funding opportunities throughout the UK through its small grants programme. The funding provided aims at helping a specific section of the youth community.

Funding provided by the trust is for disabled children and young people. More specifically, the Trust plans on helping children with life-limiting disabilities. The True Colours Trust strives to help the families of those individuals, as well.

social welfare for children

The Trust chooses to work with organisations that are helping disabled children ages 0 to 25. They focus specifically on children with life-limiting disabilities.

Their efforts focus on a wide variety of projects. The Trust likes to fund activities for disabled children, as well as their families. They will also fund activities that support these children and their communities.

Grant opportunities will also go to bereavement and support activities for children and their families. Families can also receive funding for respite. Children who have trouble returning to school after COVID-19 restrictions will also receive aid.

community taking care of woods cleaning

In addition to education and activities, the Trust will also fund equipment and materials. This includes any changes or personal protective equipment to make activities COVID-19 compliant. They will also cover technology to support education and other opportunities during COVID-19 conditions.

Renovation, installation, and upgrades of equipment like hydrotherapy pools and multi-sensory rooms, as well as minibuses and specialised play equipment, are also eligible for funding.

Funding Details

Funding concept

The Trust also focuses on expanding its reach as far as possible. As a result, they will rarely fund the same organisation twice. This funding comes in grant amounts of up to $10,000 but most grants are smaller than that.

CICs throughout the UK are eligible for funding as long as they have an annual income lower than 350,000 pounds. Applications can be submitted at any time and CICs will hear back from the Trust within 6 weeks.

Feedback on individual applications will not be provided. The Trust will contact you if they require additional information.

The application form, as well as tips to complete it, are available on the True Colours Trust’s website.

3. Matthew Good Funding Grants for Good

the tree growing in a light bulb

The Matthew Good Foundation is providing CICs with project funding through their Grants for Good programme. This grant programme is unique in that it provides funding for opportunities that are nominated by employees of the John Good Group.

In 2021, Matthew Good Funding decided they wanted to extend their reach to small, community-based organisations. But, they still wanted to fund projects that fostered causes close to their hearts.

dice with word FUNDS

To accomplish this, the John Good Group is having employees vote on 5 shortlisted initiatives that are eligible for funding.

These funding opportunities are open to local community organisations that show an annual income of fewer than 50,000 pounds.

Funding Details

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The five charities on the shortlist will receive a portion of the total funding amount of 10,000 pounds. The more votes a cause receives, the more money it will receive from the funding pool.

The cause with the most votes will receive 3,500 pounds. Second place will receive 2,500 pounds. Third place will receive 2,000 pounds while fourth and fifth place will receive 1,000 pounds each.

CICs are welcome to apply at any point throughout the year. Your application will be considered during the next funding round. Funding rounds take place every three months.

grant application

Funding takes place in April, July, October, and January on the 15th day of the month. So, for example, the application window will close on March 15 for the April 15 round of funding.

The application process is short and straightforward. Applicants need to fill out a form with their basic information and a short, but detailed, description of how they’re going to use the funds. All of this information can be submitted through an online form on the Matthew Good Foundation’s website.

4. Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust


The Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust focuses its funding efforts on prison reform. The money available goes to help reform offenders once they’ve served their sentence in prison. It also goes to help support the family members affected by an offender’s imprisonment.

The Trust hopes to prevent the vicious cycle of imprisonment by providing these funds. The funds aim at providing and improving rehabilitation services. This can mean rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse or providing help to former offenders re-entering the job market.

Funding Details

Funding available

Funding is offered in grants as low as 7,500 pounds and the largest grant is 75,000 pounds. Organisations applying for a larger amount of fundings should contact the Trust’s Chief Executive directly.

The application form, as well as criteria and guidelines, are all available for download at the Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust’s website. Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis. There are no strict deadlines.

Decisions on applications will be made in four to six months. However, some applications may take longer.

5. Sport England Small Grants

multi sports

The Sport England Small Grant programme is focused on physical activity and play in local communities. The fund is also focused on bringing play back in a COVID-safe way.

The funding provided aims to help local community organisations make the necessary changes to facilities or services to make them COVID-safe.

Projects that take place in the highest areas of deprivation will take priority. Grants will also be given to areas hit the hardest by the pandemic. This means areas with the lowest activity levels and worst health outcomes since COVID-19.

Funding Details

group of young people jogging

Applicants are eligible for grants of 300 pounds up to 10,000 pounds. The programme is scheduled to stay open until the end of 2021. The fund will look at projects that are six months in length.

They will also consider longer projects but it will depend on the circumstances. An example application form can be found on the Sport England website.

6. Cameron Grant Memorial Trust


The purpose of the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust is to help anyone suffering from suicide. Many people who end up taking their own life are suffering in silence. the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust hopes to end all of that.

The Trust is named for Cameron Grant who, after a long history of depression, took his own life. Cameron suffered in silence. The Trust has been set up so people like Cameron don’t have to do so in the future.

Funding Details

Different wildflowers bottles

CICs and other social enterprises are eligible for grants between 100 pounds and 2,500 pounds. The funds are allocated for projects that help us to better understand mental health. This could be technology, a presentation, experimental research, etc.

Applications are being accepted since 11 January 2021 and onward. The application is short and should only take 20-30 minutes to complete.

To apply, send an email briefly outlining your project to the email address provided on their website. From there, the Trust will reach out to you if they feel your project qualifies for a formal application.

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