April Roundup of the Latest CIC Grant Funding Advice

Did you know that, according to Prospects, the amount that the charity sector in the UK contributed, in 2020, to the economy was £20 billion? This made up 0.9% of the UK’s total GDP. These voluntary organisations also employ 950,000 people.

voluntary organisations

As someone who works either in a charity or a CIC, you know that you bring much more to the UK than salary and jobs. You’re doing good.

But that can add up sometimes, which is why you might be wondering about what CIC and charity grant funding opportunities there are this April. If you don’t have this information, you might be feeling stressed.

Coming Together as One

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review funds that can you can apply to receive this April. Finally, you can get the funding you need to continue making a difference. Read on to learn more.

The Ashworth Charitable Trust

Youth Club

The Ashworth Charitable Trust supports humanitarian causes operating locally, nationally, and internationally. They do this by awarding grants of up to £5,000 (typically no more than £3,000) to small, UK-registered charities.

The deadline to apply is August for their autumn meeting and February for their spring meeting.

Some of the charities and people they fund include charities that address educational, physical, and social re-habilitation.

Their charity grant funding also covers charities that offer equipment, relief, support, or information for disability or illness. They also support homeless shelters, orphanages, and much more.

Charities that apply for grant funding with this trust must hold a United Kingdom Registered Charity Number. While there are exceptions, individuals and non-humanitarian charities do not get funding.

The turnover the charity has can’t be greater than £1 million. To learn more about the criteria and eligibility, visit the Ashworth Charitable Trust website.


Supporting Artists.

ARTCRY is a new fund supporting urgent artistic responses to current social and political events. The fund aims to encourage artists to create bold political work with funding in seven days to enable fast action. This is a continuous rolling programme.

The maximum amount you can get through this grant is £2,500. There isn’t a minimum.

Criteria and Eligibility

In terms of requirements for the work, in addition to it being political, t has to occur in a public space and be free. The idea is to draw people in with the art to make them more aware of what’s going on in the world. The art has to be created in the next 30 days.

The audience must be UK-based, though the artist does not need to be. The artwork also needs to be legal.

To learn more about the criteria and eligibility, visit  the ARTCRY Website

The Finnis Scott Foundation

horticulture and plant sciences

This foundation awards grants of up to £10,000 to projects in the areas of horticulture and plant sciences, as well as art history and the enhancement, conservation and preservation of art. Note that usually, grantees get closer to a maximum of £5,000.

However, sometimes the foundation will provide grants as large as £60,000 that they pay over several years.

There isn’t a deadline for applying, as it is a continuous rolling programme.

Commuting interest company funding is available, as they provide grants to PTAs, CIOs, CICs, and UK-registered charities. They’ll sometimes fund individuals in specific circumstances.

They also fund revenue and capital projects. They rarely fund organisations that are newly established. Learn more about their guidelines here.

The Harlequins Foundation

The Harlequins Foundation helps developing communities by tackling inequality, poor health, and helping vulnerable people using education, skills development and entrepreneurship. Note that there is no deadline for grants as this is a continuous rolling programme.

Grants start at £500, and the largest amount you can get is £2,500.

The grants must be used specifically to help organisations (within Richmond Borough) to get something they couldn’t usually afford.

Examples include events, group or individual trips, facilities improvements, and equipment for activities. They also include access to opportunities that are new or relevant.

Learn more about their guidelines here.

The Allen Lane Foundation

helping asylum-seekers and refugees

The Allen Lane Foundation focuses on helping asylum-seekers and refugees, migrant communities, offenders and ex-offenders, older people, people experiencing mental health problems, and people experiencing violence or abuse.

The deadline to apply for funding through this foundation is 14 April 2022. This is for their June meeting.

As they usually meet this month as well as February and October, deadlines for those months’ meetings will be different.

Helping Migrant communities who have been displaced by war

To find out whether you’re eligible to apply, you can take the ALF eligibility quiz before filling out the application. However, the general rules are that only voluntary groups or charitable organisations can apply.

This is also a foundation that focuses on helping adults, not children. They also usually can’t help larger organisations and they can’t fund organisations based in London or the greater area around it.

They only provide grants for organisations working in the UK. So if you’re based outside of the UK, you won’t be able to get a grant from them.

To Learn more about this grant, Please visit their website.

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