Sustainability and HR: The CIC Guide

Sustainability and HR in the Work Place

Human resources (HR) has a major role in helping to develop a sustainable company.

The first step in promoting sustainability in your community interest company (CIC), charity, non-profit organisation, and other social enterprise is to set goals and standards.

set goals and standards.

Once that’s done, the HR department can help.

First, they can ensure that the company hires people who understand that sustainability is a top priority. This will ingrain sustainability into the company DNA quickly.

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Second, HR can institute sustainable practices throughout the employees’ life cycles. From the use of efficient time and attendance software versus paper tracking to succession and goal planning , HR helps to make the permanence of sustainability easier.

Here are four ways that HR can deliver sustainability:

1 – Look toward a hybrid work model

Look toward a hybrid work model

Since a major portion of the company’s sustainability can be found in the commutes of its employees, the more employees can stay home to work, the greater the impact. HR can help to institute policies and tracking procedures to ensure that productivity stays up while staff is allowed to work flex-time, part-time from home, or even full-time from home.

2 – Create sustainability teams in the organisation –

Create sustainability teams in the organisation

Employee buy-in can come from being a part of changes. Creating sustainability teams in each department and working with them to create change is an excellent way to move the needle on sustainability. The HR team can not only help to create the teams, but also monitor their progress and respond to their needs.

3 – Ask and listen to employees

Ask and listen to employees

No one knows what’s best for your organisation other than your employees. They see its failings every day. Ask your staff what you can do to promote sustainability. Note everything they suggest. Follow through on every viable idea. Be sure to report back to them on which ideas have been implemented and their impact. This can even be an incentive program where an employee is rewarded with money, time off, or a gift for supplying a great idea.

4 – Be cheerleaders –

Be cheerleaders

Nothing happens in an organisation without someone cheering it along. That person or team can help to keep energy behind ideas and keep the focus on the changes that are needed and desired. The HR team is uniquely talented at this. They can help to keep the sustainability program moving forward and exciting.

The HR staff can help make sustainability a lasting effort by focusing on the needs and wants of the staff. Often they represent staff needs in the boardroom giving them a unique perspective on how to make your plans a reality.

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