Tiling Services – How do you drive more trade?

Welcome to one of our regular series  for new business starts ups. Every week, we deal with a number of new business starting up and we get asked on a regular basis by the owners how do they attract more customers/Trade.

Since we deal with a number of construction companies,  we decided to look at Tilers.

Three very important factors that will affect your business  and these need to be looked at closely  before any growth plans are considered.

  1. the number of potential customers (domestic, trade and commercial)
  2. the type of tiling services that they are likely to require
  3. the amount of existing competition

Do some market research to find out more about your potential customers and your competitors – this will help you to identify your own place in the market.

If all the above is good, then it’s time to DRIVE more Trade!

Advertising and marketing online


Many people search for things like tiling services online, so a good business website is probably essential. Think about getting listed in online directories – perhaps ‘contact an expert’ directories run by trade associations.

Online social media can be an effective way of marketing your business, staying in touch with previous customers and making contact with potential new ones. Think too about using forums and blogs (although be aware that some forum websites ban blatant advertising in forum posts). You might decide to sign up to a building trades review and feedback website such as Checkatrade. You could consider trying to obtain work through job-referral websites like Mybuilder.com and Rated People too.

Other ways of Advertising

shutterstock_225040306Your local paper may run a regular ‘contact the experts’ advertising feature. Remember that your vehicle can be a very effective means of advertising if you have it sign-written and keep it clean and presentable. It may be worthwhile getting a sign board made up with your name and contact details on it to put up at places where you’re working. Be sure to get the owner’s permission before you do this though.

Think about other ways of promoting your business. You could, for example, sponsor a local sports club or event.

Local Networking

shutterstock_191249969Local builders and property developers are likely to need the services of a good, reliable tiling specialist on a regular basis. So it’s well worth getting to know key people in the industry and making sure they know about your business. The same goes for tile retailers and kitchen and bathroom shops and fitters too. Other businesses and organisations that could be worth approaching with your details include builders’ merchants, housing associations and the local authority. With larger organisations, it’s well worth making the effort to find out who the best person is to contact.

Once you’ve built up a list of contacts, stay in touch with as many as possible, even if you haven’t yet had any work from them. Tell them about any new services that you introduce and do your best to maintain a good relationship with them.

Limited Company Registration & Self Employment

Please Let us help you today register your limited company or Self Employments and ensure the legal structure is Tax Efficient!

KG AccountantsWe  at KG Accountants can  also help with opening a business Bank Account, Payroll, Staff & Sub Contractor Contracts, Bookkeeping, VAT and End of year Accounts.

And that is just the start!

 If you need to speak to a Pro active Accountant in South London about your new venture, please contact us on 0208 679 4690 please Visit our  website. 

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