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Personal Trainer
Becoming a Personal Trainer

How to become a personal Trainer.

If your looking to start a career as a personal trainer, on top of having a great accountant who understands the fitness industry,  you need to have 7 essential skills:

1 Organization skills

2. Be a good Motivator


4. Patient

5. Nurturing

6. Educated and Well-trained. …

7. Above all Great Communication Skills. Your trainer should be a great communicator, especially when they talk about the technical part of working out you should know. …

2. Getting Certified as a Personal Trainer

If you’ve finally made up your mind that personal training is for you then your next step is to get certified. The aim is achieve an internationally-recognized qualification that meets REPs and CIMSPA standards

In the uk, Level 3 Certificate training course, which qualifies you to work as a PT costs around £1,500.

How the 2 Qualifications work in Partnership
REPs and CIMSPA standards

CIMSPA works with the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) to ensure fitness professionals have the widest possible working opportunities.

The partnership means that:

  • European fitness professionals based in the UK will be able to use their EREPS accreditation to join the CIMSPA Exercise and Fitness Directory, which lists fitness professionals whose qualifications have been recognised by CIMSPA.
  • EREPs will, in turn, recognise and accept the registration onto EREPS of any applicant registered on the CIMSPA Exercise and Fitness Directory, giving UK exercise and fitness professionals the freedom to work across the continent’s sport and physical activity marketplace.

European fitness professionals wishing to join CIMSPA should upload their EREPS certificate at the relevant point in their application.

3. Finding a Personal Trainer Job

One of the great things about personal training is that there are a variety of places you can work, not just at a health club. You may be an employee of a business or work as an independent contractor for them. You may also train clients as your own business. If you’re just starting out, you might want to work for a larger club to get experience while not having to worry about running your own business.

4. Set up Your Own Business

Here at KG Accountants believe that this level of support should come as part of a flat fee, with no huge additional bills. For a monthly fixed fee starting from as little as £69 per month , our service includes:

All our fees are fixed.

By giving you a fixed and competitive price, we can take the worry away when it comes to setting up a personal Trainer; allowing you to concentrate on running your organisation.

Arrange a FREE initial consultation.

How we can help

Call us today on 0207 953 8913 or complete our enquiry form in order to book a FREE initial consultation.

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