How to Find a Good Tiler

Finding a good Tiler
Have a checklist

If everything worth doing is difficult then everyone worth hiring to do something must also be difficult to find. It isn’t just government that need to vet companies and deliberate over competing bids. Anyone looking to hire a professional should put some effort into how they make their choice.

Preparing a checklist of criteria and some questions are essential in learning how to find a good tiler with years of experience. Choosing a builder isn’t quite as pressing (or difficult) as finding a spouse but there are similarity. 

Both are relationships that work better when they stand the test of time. The work done by a tiler needs to look good today and last for years if not decade to justify the expense.

Also you need to consider whether the tiler has to have experience in commercial tiling or residential tiling

The following provides a starters checklist to make a solid decision the first time out. 

How to Find a Good Tiler


The items on this checklist help narrow down the search with an eye towards a good fit and quality work. Considerations of price are important but come secondary. It’s far more important to find someone that can deliver quality work on an agreed timeline.

Check Their Personality


Inviting a worker into a home is always more difficult than when they work in a yard or other outdoor location. 

Homes represent a place of security and intimacy and having strangers in that world can be difficult. In addition to being uncomfortable with strangers for personal reasons, homeowners also need to consider the problems of noise.

Since tiling goes in places like bathrooms and kitchens, arrangements to operate in these areas on a restricted basis needs to be considered.

Being able to hold a conversation with a tiler is important to gauge their ability to deliver on expectations. It’s also important to form a level of trust to avoid problems within the home. 

Learning the right questions to ask is only one part of gauging personality. One must also listen with intent and process the information within their bias. 

Browse their Portfolio

After gaining a sense of the personality of the tiler (and their crew, though those tend to be small) it’s time to see what they can offer. 

Checking portfolios listed on websites or provided in person gives not only ideas of what a person might want to do but also provides context to the skills and the ability of the tiler.

How do they handle strange shapes and tight corners? Does their work seem presentable and hearty? 

Can they handle complex projects

Most importantly, do the tiles seem to line up or otherwise stay on a plane? Geometry eludes some and drifting lines are a problem to avoid. 

Peek at References

Can they do Indoor and Outdoors Tiling?

Anyone proud of their work in the construction industry will have numerous satisfied clients to call upon. References give a person the ability to confirm the legitimacy of their offerings and to justify their pricing.

Looking to find experienced tilers in a local area is a two-way street. The tiler also wants to expand their business and negotiate a better fee for their work. Showing off references is as much a part of their job as compiling a portfolio.

The satisfaction of a former client goes a long way to selling a new client on upscale services. The references should be verifiable, recent, and clear about the work requested and the final effort delivered.

Pre-Work and Post-Work Ethics

Are they Tidy?

Tiling is one of the messier construction jobs. The rooms that need tiles often contain water features and are both high-traffic and communal.

Attention to detail before, during, and after the work makes a big difference in how much the area that needs work stays confined to that area.

Do they have a plan to ensure that all materials like tile cutters are available and on-hand within the house or provided areas? Do they make an effort to keep chemical sealants properly stored (especially important for pet owners or those with small children)?

Do they have references that can vouch for the cleanliness and functionality of areas after the job is complete?

Prepping materials and ensuring that they are set and dry are essential jobs for tilers. Each service requires difference preparation for example  prepping for Wall tiling is different from Floor or Ceiling tiling

Do they have their own Materials?

The attitude a tiler takes in confirming conditions before the job and ensuring that everything is complete, cleaned, and removed at the end says a lot about their work ethic.

Does the Work Meet Standards?

Check the quality of their work?

Tiling work requires the area not only to looks presentable, but to be functional. This includes fixtures performing as agreed and doing so for an industry-standard minimum of time. 

Also you need to ask whether they have done all the various types of tiling that can be done in a property like bathroom tiling, Kitchen tiling, Shower tiling or ceiling tiling. All these surfaces require a different type of tile and material.

Poor title work can leave gaps that allow water to seep through, this damages the wall behind, the floor beneath, and can create hazards for wiring that crosses through the wall.

The completed job also needs to come in at cost and look close to the design and colours originally selected. Some homeowners are never pleased and this can be frustrating for workers. Standards are about good-enough, not matching fantasy projections.

Licenses and Certifications

Licencing and Certifications

Nobody should work with a tiler that isn’t properly trained or have a full City & Guilds certificate.

They need to have at least a Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiling Diploma Level 1 . A business that isn’t working within the proper bounds can run into issues like low quality work or workmanship.

Even if they act in good faith, failures to register and manage the business on the business end can lead to costly delays or even leave projects incomplete. 

Businesses that comply with codes have assistance in times of trouble and are easy to verify. When everyone works within the rules, it makes it easier to deliver on quality and to meet standards.  

Limited Company Registration & Self Employment

People shake hands after a business meeting
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