January Roundup of the Latest CIC Grant Funding Advice

The past few years were trying! After covid-19 settled down a little, the world was left with a cumbersome financial crisis. But, the good thing is we are here to help one another. 

And, to kick off the year 2022 we have compiled all of the best grants for your foundation! Before we proceed, maybe you are wondering if you qualify for CIC grant funding? Fear not! Here is a quick recap to help you!

January Grants

CIC Grant Funding This Year: Know Before You Go

CIC grants are “community interest companies” that focus on the local community. This funding is locally based and impacts the local community directly. 

To achieve a qualified status you need to operate in the local community directly. Becoming a company eligible for CIC grant funding entails proving you impact the community positively. 

CIC Grants

This does not mean you impact the community monetarily speaking. Nor does this mean you have high investments with stakeholders. If you are a company that develops programs to benefit the local community, this is for you. 

That should give you the nuts and bolts of the funding program. Now that feel more confident in your eligibility, here are the top grants available!

Music for All: Making Music Changes Lives

Making Music Changes Lives

The Music for All (MfA) grant is currently accepting applications through January. This grant seeks to empower people to pursue their dreams of creating music for everyone. But, it intends to go one step further. 

The grant focuses on helping those with neurological disorders pursue their musical dreams. This includes people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. They focus on providing aspiring musicians with Ukeleles and electric guitars. 

But, they do not simply provide the applicant with these musical instruments. They focus on programs with these musical instruments. But, they provide useful fundraising programs for musical education

Are You Eligible? 

Are you eligible?

To apply for this grant you must be located in the UK or Ireland. They do not fund individuals who are in the UK and Ireland for study. This is for those living in and making residency in this region. 

They do not fund companies after the closing date of the application for the grant. And, you must have the support and sponsorship of a referee. In other words, they do not provide funds to just anyone who applies. 

They must have the support of another whom they are familiar with to qualify. For the full list of qualifications, you can check out their full qualification guide.

How and When to Apply for This Grant

How and When to Apply for This Grant

You can apply for this grant anytime between now and January 28th, 2022. You must have your application submitted by or before the 28th. As stated above, this company will not review applicants after the fact. 

There are three portions of this application for you to consider based on your specific needs. These include two programs that provide supplies, but not monetary funds. 

However, they provide monetary funds to musical programs as well. This program funds musical classes that benefit individuals suffering from neurological disorders. This program is worth up to 2,000.00 pounds when awarded. 

London Community Funds: The Greener Futures Funds

The Greener Futures Funds

The London Community Funds hosts the Greener Futures Funds grant program. This grant seeks to encourage the propagation of green energy in the London area. 

This program accomplishes this by funding various types of green initiatives in the local area. These programs include funding educational initiatives. Primarily, they seek to inform and people about local environmental care. 

This includes encouraging grassroots initiatives to improve environmental well-being. But, ultimately they seek to increase awareness and encourage climate action. 

Are You Eligible? 

Grant funds are available for those in Westminster and North Southwark. Or, those seeking to do work in these areas of England. The specific guidelines provide details for each region of preference. 

Some of the projects they are especially interested in funding include: 

  • Recycling Programs 
  • Green initiatives/wildlife preservation
  • Educational programs 
  • Sustainable energy supply education

The purpose of these programs should be the improvement of environmental well-being. Grants may be renewed for up to 1-2 years. The program is expected to run until 2025. 

How and When to Apply for This Grant

How and When to Apply for This Grant

This CIC grant is available until midday, January 21st, 2022. Applications must be submitted on or before this date. The value of this grant is up to $30,000.00 for a year. 

A successful grant may be renewed after a year. This can be done for up to 2 years. The value of the total grant is somewhere near 1 million dollars. This program plans to run until these funds are no longer available. 

You can find detailed guidance for their application process under their “guidance.pdf” form

The London Community Foundation: Lambeth Wellbeing Fund

The London Community Foundation: Lambeth Wellbeing Fund

The London Community Foundation hosts the Lambeth Wellbeing Fund for 2022. This grant program focuses on the poor and historically persecuted populations. They primarily want the funds to go towards improving the lives of Blacks and the LGBTQ+ community. 

The hope is to improve the health and mental health of these communities. If you wish to apply, your programs should focus on community building. 

Applicants should focus on the individual empowerment of these people groups. However, they must also provide support and communities of like-minded individuals. 

Are You Eligible? 

Eligible applicants must either host their organization or apply on behalf of an organization. The organization must be a Lambeth based charitable organization. Or, applicants must register as community interests companies. 

The groups which apply may supply support to various disempowered groups. Although they focus mainly on the LGBTQ+ community and racially oppressed groups. They also like organizations that help unemployed and single, lonely men. 

The focus of your organization must be the well-being and prevention of violence. As you can see, the specifications of the charity can be broad. But, they are specific regarding the locations of the charities. 

How and When to Apply for This Grant

How and When to Apply for This Grant

This grant is open from now until the 1st of July, 2022. There are two grants currently available and both are available until July 1st. But, you must apply to each independently. 

There is the Lambeth Council Public Health Funding which is worth 282,000 pounds. This fund seeks to fund educational and program-oriented services. The applicant will not receive the total amount above. Rather, every year they will receive up to 10,000 pounds per year for up to 2 years.

There is also the Project Smith Funding worth up to 60,000 pounds. These payments maximize up to 10,000 pounds for 2 years. 

Sports England: Return to Play

Sports England: Return to Play

The Sports England fund provides the small grant program known as “Return to Play“. These grants seek to provide small sums of money to help improve sporting clubs. 

They want to encourage athleticism and active behaviour among youths and adults. Funds provide support for all types of pathetic department needs. These include hiring coaches and paying for remodelling projects. 

The funds can also help you pay for any relocation costs you might need! It’s a favourable sporting fund that hopes to improve athletic activity. 

Are You Eligible? 

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for this fund, you must show that you have an athletic department. But, funds are given a preference. 

This means the grant funds are typically applied to organisations that provide for certain groups. The groups they hope to focus primarily on are the elderly and impoverished youth. 

How and When to Apply for This Grant

How and When to Apply for This Grant?

There is no specific end date for this grant’s application. However, to be given priority, you should apply sooner rather than later.

The funds will continue until the grant’s money is run out. The funds are distributed based on need and the capacity to match the goals of the program. Most funds are only between $300-1,000 pounds on a one-time basis. 

But, this money sure is helpful when you’re looking for ways to expand your program! 

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation is happy to provide funding for the arts. These funds seek to encourage and support the advancement of the arts program. 

The foundation seeks to support endeavours of the arts and cultural heritage. Programs they are particularly interested in supporting include the following:

  • Educational art/heritage pursuits
  • Empower artists 
  • Increase artistic potential 
  • Support pursuits
  • Professional and career development 

The main focus of your program should be the next generation of artists. 

Are You Eligible? 

Are You Eligible? 

Eligibility is based on the applicant’s capacity to match the goals of the foundation. There are not many specifications provided on the group’s website. Other than their specifications regarding the goals of your group. 

They do require that you be a registered not for profit organisation or a CIC. Funds are available for renewal every year for successful applicants. 

How and When to Apply for This Grant 

How and When to Apply for This Grant ?

This grant is open from now until February 28th, 2022. This grant is worth up to 25,000 pounds every year for successful applicants. 

Preferences are given to programs focused on youth and career development. 

Votech Seed Fund

Seed Fund

The Votech Seed Fund provides helpful monetary funds to expand adult learning. They seek to expand the knowledge of adult learning and the application of technology. 

The programs they seek to support primarily include research and development. But, the main goal is to expand the access of educational resources to adult populations. 

Are You Eligible? 

Are You Eligible? 

Applicants should have their focus on technology and educational initiatives. They should seek ways to apply distance learning and expand learning opportunities. 

They hope to fund the development of new and creative development ideas. There is not a lot of specifications regarding the exact requirements of applicants. But, if you are seeking to expand access to adult learning through technology, you should apply. 

How and When to Apply for This Grant

How and When to Apply for This Grant?

To apply for this grant applicants should evaluate their goals. The grants funding is a rather specific one, but it serves a great purpose! 

Applicants are welcome to submit their applications after January 12th, 2022. Be sure to have your pitch prepared. 

Getting Your CIC Grant Funding

CIC grant funding programs are an excellent way to expand your company’s potential. This year, you should seek out ways to improve your community through your services! 

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