December Roundup of the Latest CIC Grant Funding Advice

Our last funding roundup of the year! Honestly, it makes us a little sad inside.

Christmas 2021

But, the silver lining is that the Christmas holiday is just around the corner. And, there’s still a lot of great opportunities for your organisation to get some much-needed CIC grant funding!

We’re going to cover several different grant funding opportunities in this article. We hope that you and your team will be able to find some extra funding to keep you on track to finish your 2021 project goals by the end of the year.

December Grants

Who knows? We may even have something that will set you up to get your 2022 off to an amazing start. There’s a lot of information to cover. Please be sure to read all the way to the end of this article to find out how you can discover even more CIC grant funding opportunities.

Let’s get going!

1. The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation

Actor and actress in tuxedos open theatre curtain

The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation provides funding opportunities for theatre projects throughout London. To qualify for funding, projects must take place within the Greater London area.

The applicants for this funding programme also can’t be individuals. Theatre companies must apply to receive this funding. Your theatre doesn’t have to be a registered corporation. But, it must have a bank account associated with it to qualify.

Many individuals ask if the RVHF will fund their drama tuition. This type of financial assistance isn’t eligible for funding under their grant programme. The only exception is for students who receive the Lilian Baylis award from their respective drama programmes.

Young boy wearing clown make up

The RVHF provides two rounds of their funding in each calendar year. There is a spring round and an autumn round.

To qualify for the spring round of funding, applications need to be in by the last Friday in February at 5:30 pm. Applications should be in by 5:30 pm on the last Friday of August to qualify for the autumn round.

The RVHF focuses on theatre productions. They won’t consider funding for projects that aren’t centred around dramatic performances. Even dance projects won’t receive funding if they’re not centred around a theatrical performance.

They also won’t provide funding for drama education. Their funding efforts focus solely on performance projects.

Funding Details


The average funding amount of grants provided by the RVHF is anywhere from 250 to 2,000 pounds. It’s up to the applicants to provide the specific amount of funding they’re requesting. The foundation usually receives more applications than available funds.

Once a theatre company receives funding from the RVHF, they cannot receive funding for another 2 years. Applications instructions are available on the RVHF website.

2. The Suez Community Trust

Vacation in Recreational Vehicle

The Suez Community Trust is an arm of the Landfill Community Fund (LCF). Applications for projects under the Suez Community Trust can fall under three different categories.

the Trust will provide funding for projects that facilitate public amenities, biodiversity, and historic preservation.

Projects in the public amenities space aim to improve facilities used for leisure or recreation. To qualify, the facility must be open at least 104 days out of the year and serve all sections of the community.

The biodiversity projects the Suez Trust and LCF choose to fund are projects that conserve and restore areas of natural habitat. The fund will also cover projects that recover or relocate a species to its natural habitat.

National Historical Site in Arizona

The fund’s efforts for historic preservation don’t stop at buildings or facilities. The Suez Community Trust will also fund projects to preserve archaeological sites, churches, and other sites that contain historical architecture. Historic sites must be open to the public to qualify.

Any churches or religious sites that would like funding need to qualify as a Grade I site.

Projects also need to take place on a singular site. Any projects that take place across multiple sites will not qualify for funding.

Funding Details


The funds provided by the Suez Trust are typically used for materials, equipment, and appointing contractors and other personnel to work on the projects. Any applications that request funds for project management costs, salaries, running costs, and design fees will not be eligible.

The Suez Trust also requires projects to be in a specified location. They offer a “postcode chequer” on their website. Enter the postcode of your project to see if you’re eligible for funding.

Members of the Suez Trust strongly recommend reading their application guide before applying. Applicants can gain access directly on their website.

Application Form

There are two funds that applicants can receive funding from a Smaller Projects fund and a Primary fund. The fund used for your project will depend on the amount of funding you’re requesting.

The Smaller Projects fund will award funding up to 20,000 pounds. These projects must also not have an overall cost higher than 40,000 pounds.

Funded projects would also need to start within 3 months of receiving approval. They would also need to be completed within 12 months.

The Primary Fund will award funding up to 50,000 pounds. The overall cost of the project can’t exceed 250,000 pounds to qualify for the Primary Fund. Eligible projects must also start within 6 months, and finish in 12 months, of receiving funding.

Who Can Apply?

Who can apply?

Non-profit organisations can apply for funding through the Suez Trust. Any organisations that wish to apply would also have to have a lease on the project site.

This lease needs to be valid for the next 5 years or more.

The Suez Trust also needs to receive payment before starting the application process. This payment is the Contributing Third-Party Payment. Projects that are eligible for funding need to submit this payment before the trust can distribute funds.

3. Community Fund – Reaching Communities England

Happy friends gardening

The goal of this fund is to impact communities on the local level. They offer a large amount of funding for organisations that are helping communities thrive.

The Community Fund’s mission is to improve spaces and places that are important to local communities. They provide funding to organisations to help them continue to deliver activities in their local community. The Reaching Communities fund also provides other resources in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

fighting with Covid-19

Refurbishing land or buildings, operational costs, and organisational development are all covered under the grant guidelines.

There is no set deadline for application. The application window is ongoing. This funding is eligible for any volunteer or community organisations throughout England. The amount of funding provided start at 10,000 pounds and increases from there.

Any political activities, activities that generate profit, or religious activities do not qualify for funding.

Eligible organisations can apply online through the Community Fund’s web portal.

4. Sport England – Active Together

Sports equipment

The Return to Play grant provided by Sport England aims at promoting physical activity throughout the country after the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations can qualify for up to 10,000 pounds in funding.

Charitable organisations, town councils, and local sports clubs are all eligible to apply. Private gyms, individuals, for-profit sports organisations, and universities need not apply.

Multi Sports players

Organisations that are interested in receiving funding need to raise 25% of their target goal on their own. They also need to raise this money from a specified minimum number of applicants. Sport England will provide funding up to 50% of your initial target amount.

What makes Sport England’s funding opportunity unique is that the funds are provided through crowdfunding. There is no application deadline and organisations can apply by clicking the “Start Crowdfunding” button on Sport England’s website.

5. BBC Children in Need – Emergency Essentials

child at home draws a rainbow on the window

This funding opportunity provided by the BBC aims at getting organisations the essentials they need after the COVID-19 pandemic. There are two main funding sources: the Main and Small grants programmes.

Funding is provided to organisations that are non-profits within the UK. These organisations should also meet the BBC’s minimum standards for grant-making.

These funding efforts are focused on underprivileged children under 18 years of age. These can be children suffering from illness, experiencing a disability, struggling with mental challenges, or living in poverty.

Children reading books at park

Organisations can only hold one grant from BBC funding at any given time. If you already have a grant, the BBC will have sent you a letter that states when you can reapply.

Applicants can apply for anywhere between 10,000 and 40,000 pounds of funding. Windows to apply for both the Small Grants and Main Grants have closed for 2021. Decisions will be made by mid-February 2022.

To apply, organisations can call or email the BBC directly from their Emergency Essentials webpage.

6. Alpkit Foundation

Well-being concept

The goal of the funding provided by the Alpkit Foundation is to get people outdoors. They aim to help people, groups, and schools that are already working to remove barriers and get people outside.

The grant programme aims to fund projects that bring students outside after COVID-19. Alpkit will also fund conservation and preservation projects. Their main goal is to educate people about their natural environment.

Education concept

Organisations or individuals can receive anywhere between 50 and 500 pounds in cash. This money can be used to provide outdoor experiences that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. This money can also be used to help people within the community develop outdoor skills like swimming, climbing, and cycling.

There is no limit to the number of times someone can apply for funding through this programme. Interested applicants can find the application online via the Alpkit Foundation’s website.

Bringing Christmas Cheer Through CIC Grant Funding

Beautiful Christmas gift boxes

There you have it, folks! All of the opportunities you can use to bring a little extra Christmas cheer to your local community. If you’re interested in CIC grant funding, grand advice, or any other information about a CIC grant, contact us today.

Members of our CIC newsletter also gain access to even more funding opportunities to make their community a better place. It’s a small service but we do what we can to make the world a better place.

You guys out there doing the work are the real heroes.

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