Keep on Movin’: 7 Ways to Stay Active at Home

How did you handle your quarantine?

Home workout

The past 12 to 18 months taught us things about ourselves that we never knew before. People around the globe needed to adjust to remote work. One of the many challenges of our new office setups is staying active.

We need new, refreshing ways to keep the blood flowing as we work from home. Fortunately for you, we have 7 tips for doing exactly that.

So, stick around and read along with us. We have a lot of information to share about keeping you active and, hopefully, helping you keep your sanity.

1. Go For a Walk

Walk along the Thames in London

Walking is an amazing and simple way to get yourself moving. If you’re doing work from home, schedule walking breaks into your day.

Sitting for too long is very hard on our bodies. We’re meant to move. When you’re done working for the day, you can take an even longer walk outside or around the house.

The important thing is to get your body moving.

2. Dance Like No One Is Watching

Funny dad dancing with his children

Dance breaks! Yes, you read that right. Dance breaks. Get up and shake your tailfeather every so often.

Not only is it good to get your body moving, but it’s also an impromptu form of exercise. If you’re feeling lazy or struggling to focus, get up and get your groove on!

3. Staying Active During TV Time

A family is watching a soccer

There’s no denying the fact that we, as a society, like to watch TV. The truth is, that time spent watching TV is actually an untapped resource to keep you active.

Move a TV into the garage with that old treadmill. You’ll be paying so much attention to your favourite characters that, before you know it, you’ll have a solid 30 to 45 minutes of exercise under your belt.

4. Resistance Exercises

Woman exercising with a resistance band

Resistance bands are a great, low-impact exercise tool to keep handy. There’s also a wide variety of exercises you can do with one, simple elastic resistance band. It doesn’t matter which part of your body you’re looking to work, there’s a routine for you.

5. Exercise During Cooking

Exercising while cooking

The kitchen is another missed opportunity for exercise. Try moving a little faster as you move around the kitchen to grab ingredients. If you reach for items on the upper shelves, hold that stretching position.

Put your hands on the counter and do some “standing push-ups” while you wait for your water to boil. There are a lot of opportunities for downtime during cooking a meal. Make good use of them and get in some movement!

6. Do Some Yoga While Working from Home

Yoga while working from home

If you’re anything like us, our yoga pants have been a staple of our “quarantine uniform”. Well, why not do some yoga if you’re already wearing your yoga pants?

It will stretch you out and help you get in some physical movement. But it can also be great for the stress and anxiety that come from remote work.

Working in a 5-10 minute stretch routine is all you need to achieve your own personal nirvana. Namaste.

7. Get A Dog

Having a dog can help give you some extra exercise time. If you’ve already been thinking about getting one, this may be your sign.

Running your dog in the dog park and taking them for walks can be great additions to your cardio and exercise programme.

Make Work A Workout

Stretching while working

We hope we’ve given you a list of some good stay at home activities. It can be hard staying active when you’re working from home. Implement these tips to keep your home office healthy.

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