May Roundup of the Latest CIC and Charity Funding Advice.

Before applying, be sure to read the requirements in detail

Each month, we bring you a list of the latest funding opportunities for charities and CICs. These funds are designed to help you successfully continue your mission doing great things for the community.

Before applying, be sure to read the requirements in detail. You don’t want to work hard to create an application simply to be denied because of a technicality.

Co-op Local Community Fund

brings people together to access food

We support projects that make communities fairer for everyone.

You must be a not for profit group and deliver a project to benefit your local community.

Criteria and Eligibility:

You can apply if your project:

  • brings people together to access food
  • helps improve people’s mental wellbeing
  • creates opportunities for young people to be heard and make a difference
  • helps people protect local biodiversity or tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions

Your project must also:

  • take place in the UK or Isle of Man
  • not have religious or political aims (although you can still apply if you’re a religious organisation)
  • take place or will still be running after November 2023

Funding Size: Between £1,000 and £3,000 on average.

Application Deadline was on: 29 May 2022. (Keep an eye out, they might open another round shortly!!)

Click Here to Find the Details

Community Fund

Bringing People Together

This funding is for projects that build stronger connections across communities. We’re looking for ideas that strengthen these connections by exploring and developing the conditions needed to build better and longer-lasting ways of bringing people together.

Criteria and Eligibility:

We’re interested in projects that:

  • deliver across at least two UK countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) – you can work in a network or partnership
  • are bold and experimental responses to bringing people together using new approaches, or a new combination of approaches
  • can demonstrate clear positive impacts for communities, including those communities most in need of support
  • have a clear focus on equality, diversity and inclusion
  • can demonstrate they can learn and adapt as they go.

Funding Size: Up to a maximum of £1 million for up to five years. We expect most of the funding will go to projects that request between £200,000 and £500,000. There will be a smaller number of awards for projects above £500,000.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Learn more about their guidelines here

Lloyds Bank Foundation

supporting people managing and recovering from severe and enduring mental health problems

We support charities that specialise in supporting people managing and recovering from severe and enduring mental health problems that significantly disrupt their everyday lives.

Criteria and Eligibility:

We are looking to fund charities that

  • provide a specialist mental health service, working to address a gap in statutory provision. By specialist, we mean that at least 50% of the people you support are accessing primary and/or secondary mental health services. Your organisation has referral pathways between primary care and secondary care, that operate both ways.
  • includes ‘mental health’ and/or a specific mental health condition in their first or second charitable objects.
  • demonstrate a strong track record of person-centred work where the individual is assessed, their needs are identified, and a plan of long-term support put in place. Where your organisation is not able to meet all these needs, we would expect to see strong referral pathways in place. For example, outside of the home visits, companionship, and wellbeing support being offered, we would expect to see therapeutic/counselling support, helping the individual access health and social care, housing, benefits, and development of self-advocacy.

We will not fund charities that provide the following as their sole service

  • counselling
  • wellbeing activities to prevent people developing mental health problems (as opposed to such activities for people who already have a severe mental health illness)
  • signposting to statutory or voluntary mental health services

There are many more details on their website including an important download with everything you’ll need.

Funding Size: We offer a two-year unrestricted grant of £50,000 alongside development support to help your charity navigate change.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Learn more about their guidelines here.

Cockayne -Grants for the Arts

This fund is to support art as a way of enriching life experience.

The purpose of this fund is to support art as a way of enriching life experience. Grants are focused on arts projects in London that provide creative opportunities to artists from diverse cultures in the performing (music, opera, dance, theatre), literary or visual arts.

Criteria and Eligibility:

Priorities and themes

  • New work or ground-breaking re-interpretations of classic repertoire that demonstrate the potential: for artistic excellence, to reach large and diverse audiences, and/or to make a significant, new contribution to the art form.
  • Art that is experimental, risk-taking, and/or engages controversial issues.
  • Projects that involve young artists.
  • Arts-related library, literacy and archiving projects

Funding Size: £25,000

Application Deadline: 15 July 2022

Learn more about their guidelines here.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund

provide opportunities for people who may be less physically active.

We want to mark and help celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year by supporting projects that bring a community together and provide opportunities for people who may be less physically active.

Therefore, we want organisations to consider how they could work more collaboratively across their community, in order to make the biggest possible impact.

Criteria and Eligibility:

  • Awards are to help inactive people get active, or less active people become more active.
  • We particularly want projects that support people who may otherwise have less opportunity to be active and our priority is to support projects working with people living in areas of disadvantage, as defined by the Indices of Multiple Deprivation areas 1-3.
  • Project should consider how they add value to their local community and work collaboratively with other groups to maximise the impact of the project.
  • Projects should be aware of, and comply with, the government’s national and local guidelines at the time you apply/deliver your project.

See postcode checker on the website.

Read the criteria on the website carefully. So many applications are being submitted that don’t meet the criteria that awards are being delayed.

Funding Size: Between £300 and £10,000, from a total pot of up to £5m

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Learn more about their guidelines here.

Please note that much of this material has been drawn directly from the websites in question. All copyrights belong exclusively to those organisations.

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