Moving your CIC Bookkeeping from a Spreadsheet to a System

Moving your CIC bookkeeping from a group of spreadsheets to an integrated system is one of the best ways to ensure that your data is correct and your accounts are properly handled.

Below is a short list of the reasons to move from spreadsheets to a bookkeeping system:

Ease of Use –

Most bookkeeping systems are much easier to use

Most bookkeeping systems are much easier to use than a series of spreadsheets. For example, in most bookkeeping systems, you can enter data once and the system will place that data in all the needed places. These systems are specifically designed for CIC bookkeeping or can be set up that way by experts like the team at KG Accountants.

Less Error Creep –

Less Mistakes/Errors

If there’s an error on a single spreadsheet, it can rapidly creep through the numbers until a minor error becomes a massive hassle to find. Eventually, a great deal is off because it takes time to notice the error on multiple spreadsheets.

Using a system, the error will show itself quickly. In fact, many of these systems spot errors and flag them to you. When something makes little sense, the program will show it to you quickly.

Collaboration –

Much easier to collaborate on a dedicated accounting systems

Having multiple users on spreadsheets is a nightmare. You sit down to do something, open the spreadsheet and find that there’s some massive error.

You get to spend the next few hours hunting for who made the error and what it was supposed to be.

Using bookkeeping/accounting systems like QuickBooks online , collaborators can work together and everyone’s actions are tracked. If there’s an error, you can see instantly who did it and get it resolved.

Data Relationships –

Linking data together

Using multiple spreadsheets, you can’t see the relationships between bits of data unless you set it up to do that or you do it manually (then what’s the point of the spreadsheet).

An accounting system will make those relationships for you automatically or allow you to set them up.

Security –

Secure Access

Spreadsheet programs tend to be very lax on security. Almost anyone with access to the work suite, such as Microsoft 365, will have access to the spreadsheets.

Few companies secure their spreadsheets well enough.

Using an accounting program, your data and finances are separated from the assistant trying to write a letter or the marketing department trying to make a new logo.

Multiple Copies –

Duplicate Copies

It’s too easy for users to make multiple copies of spreadsheets. This can lead to a situation where people are working on their own in a vacuum until someone goes looking for their data. In a bookkeeping system, this doesn’t happen.

Since everything is spread across the entire system in real time, everyone can see changes instantly.

Spreadsheets are one of the greatest inventions of the computer age.

They have changed how we do almost everything with money and data.

The world has advanced beyond spreadsheets for any complex activities.

For an organization as complex as a CIC, a complete cic booking and accounting system is the only way to ensure that everything is accounted for well.

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