Looking to start a business as an Electrician this year – What are the Key factors to consider?

Electricians - KG AccountantsHere at KG Accountants, we deal with a number of trades including Electricians on a day to day basis. We help from setting up their limited companies, registering them for payroll, bookkeeping, registering their sub contractors, preparing end of year accounts to  help ensure they are fully compliant with Part P of the Building Regulations. This week we are looking at some of the regulations you will need to comply with if you decide to become a fully

Electricians who do notifiable work on domestic premises in England and Wales must carry out the work to the standards of Part P of the Building Regulations. To avoid having to get each job approved and inspected it is possible to register as an approved ‘competent person’ who can self-certify their own work. If you are registered with a third party certification scheme for domestic work then you can sign off notifiable electrical work done by other people too. More information about the Building Regulations is available on the Planning Portal website. Details of approved competent person schemes are available on the Gov.uk website.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own separate building control and certification arrangements. You can find out more about Building Regulations in Northern Ireland on the Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) website.

shutterstock_97467989Becoming a competent person involves having the necessary training and qualifications and submitting a sample of work for inspection. Competent person approval schemes also involve quite regular assessment. There is a charge – normally several hundred pounds – to cover registration and assessment, and a similar charge for periodic renewal and reassessment. There are several competent person registration schemes for electricians to choose from, including those run by the main trade associations.



Solar Panels - KG AccountantsIf you intend to carry out installations of microgeneration systems such asphotovoltaic solar panels you’ll need to be certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) to enable your clients to claim subsidy payments through the feed-in tariff. You can find out more about certification on the MCS website.

If you want to carry out installations funded through the Green Deal scheme then you will need to become an authorised Green Deal installer, work to the Green Deal Code of Practice and meet the relevant PAS 2030 standards. You can find out more about the Green Deal on the Gov.uk website.

Limited Company Registration and all the initial Setup. 

Please Let us help you today register your limited company and ensure the legal structure is Tax Efficient!

KG Accountants

We shall also help with opening a business Bank Account, Payroll, Staff & Sub Contractor Contracts, Bookkeping, VAT and End of year Accounts.

And that is just the start!

 If you need to speak to a Pro active Accountant about your new venture, please contact us on 0208 679 4690 please Visit our  website. 

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