How to Support Local Food Banks During Coronavirus Outbreak

With over 251K confirmed cases of the Coronavirus now in the UK, the need for supplies is becoming greater every day. Local food banks have been a major support system for the community. However, with more and more cases rising every day, it’s becoming increasingly hard to gain support for food banks. 

Local Food Bank
Local Food Bank

Emma Revie, the chief executive of the Trussel Trust, (the Uk’s biggest network of food banks) is concerned about the increased need for supplies and the lack of volunteers.

How Do Food Banks Work?

Families and individuals that are in need are typically referred to a food bank. They are referred from professionals such as doctors or social workers. The referee is given a voucher that is then given to the food bank in exchange for food or an emergency parcel. 

Food Donation
Food Donation

When someone donates food or money to a food bank, that is then used to help individuals most in need. It provides emergency relief to those that can’t afford the essentials of life. 

When someone volunteers within a food bank, they may be tasked with helping dispute food or pick up donations. Food banks typically don’t have many paid employees so they rely heavily on volunteer work. 

How You Can Help Food Banks

Without the help of volunteers, food banks won’t be able to sort, pack, and collect donations or food. These support systems rely on their volunteers to continue running. By volunteering with a local food bank, you’re helping and saving your local community.

Partnership with local Supermarkets and Local Shops

Many of the project managers within the trust are over the age of 65, making them a major threat to COVID-19. In order to continue running and providing supplies to those in need, the trust needs volunteers. 

People that would like to volunteer and give back to the community should head to the Trussel Trust volunteer page. Here you can sign up to help out with your local food bank. 

The Trussel Trust search tool allows you to plug in your postcode and will then find the nearest food bank. 

Self-isolation & Donations

Local food banks are essential to communities, the provide a support system for people who cannot afford the essentials to living. Even if you are unable to volunteer or if you’re under self-isolation, you can still help. 

To donate online and provide your support, you can head over to the GoFunMe for the Trust or you can donate directly to the banks. Every donation will make a difference and help to serve those in need. 

Food banks may need different items from day to day, call ahead to your local food bank, and find out what they are in need of most that day.

The need for volunteers and support as never been more needed in the UK. With the COVID-19 outbreak increasing cases every day, they need us more than ever. 

Support for Food Banks

Families, neighbours, and your community need your help. Continued support for food banks is essential to keeping our local communities alive during the Coronavirus outbreak. Donate and volunteer today. 

Also, If you have questions about donating or volunteering, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. 

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