February Roundup of the Latest Grant Funding Advice

There is plenty of funding initiatives available in February

In February, there’s plenty of UK grant funding initiatives available to help your organisation meet its goals.

Fundraising can prove challenging. However, it’s a necessary part of running a nonprofit organisation.

Your organisation wants to do great things to help society. However, doing good for society takes more than goodwill—it takes a healthy infusion of cash.

Luckily, there are a few community funding grants that might help your organisation meet its financial goals in February. In fact, every month, there are fresh opportunities across the UK to access needed funds. Hopefully, one of the following grants can help your organisation to meet its current objectives.

For a February roundup of the latest social grant funding advice, keep reading.

Tech for Good

Tech for Good
The goal of the grant is to cover nine months of expenses that will help nonprofits to meet this challenge.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, along with Comic Relief, sponsors Tech for Good. The partnership aims to help charities access technology that will allow them to deliver better community services.

1. What They Fund

Fund any digital solutions to problems

The Tech for Good grant funds nonprofit programs that need to define, test and develop digital solutions. The goal of the grant is to cover nine months of expenses that will help nonprofits to meet this challenge.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

Nonprofit organisations across the United Kingdom are eligible for the Tech for Good grant. Your organisation can operate at the local, regional or national level to qualify for funding. However, your group must generate an income of £75,000 to £10 million annually.

3. How Much Can You Apply For

Your nonprofit can apply for funding of up to £75,000. If awarded funding, the grant will cover your technology expenses from June 2021 to February 2022.

4. How to Apply

You can apply for Tech for Good if your organisation is attempting to resolve a problem using technology. You can access the application for this grant as well as more information using the Tech for Good website.

Tudor Trust

The Grant targets small community Groups

The Tudor Trust grant targets small, community groups. The Tudor Trust organisation supports nonprofits that help individuals who live on the edges of mainstream society. To apply for this grant, your organisation should encourage inclusion, integration and independence for these individuals.

1. What They Fund

What they fund

The Tudor Trust grant funds organisations that generate less than £1 million in revenue annually. However, the organisation awards the bulk of its grants to organisations that generate less than £500,000 per year.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

To apply for the Tudor Trust grant, your organisation must display positive characteristics. It must also address marginalisation. More importantly, it must make a difference in reducing marginalisation.

3. How Much Can You Apply For

The Tudor Trust grant does not set a minimum or maximum grant. Usually, however, the fund awards grants of less than £10,000.

4. How to Apply

The Tudor Trust asks that your organisation apply for the grant by following the instructions on their website. Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll email it to applications@tudortrust.org.uk. The Tudor Trust will not accept applications by post.

Windrush Day Grant Scheme

Wind Rush
Windrush Day Grant

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government sponsors the Windrush Day Grant.

The Windrush Day Grant Scheme supports nonprofits that educate, celebrate and foster pride in the Windrush Generation. It supports organisations that promote the contributions of the Windrush Generation to society. So far, the Windrush Day Grant has supported close to 100 products that recognise the British Caribbean community.

1. What They Fund

Wind Rush Community
The Windrush Day grant Supports Charities and CIC’S that create projects to bring people together and create Lasting impact in the society

The Windrush Day Grant supports councils, charities and groups that want to create projects or host Windrush Day events. Organisations must demonstrate that they bring communities together, create a lasting impact and improve education about the Windrush Generation to apply for the grant.

In particular, MHCLG wants to support more projects that will record the memories and testimonies of Windrush Generations for prosperity for this round of funding.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

Grant applicants for the Windrush Day Grant must demonstrate that their projects support the goals of Windrush Day. In other words, your project must tell the story of the Windrush Generation and celebrate how they’ve helped to shape British heritage.

3. How Much Can You Apply For

Applying for a Windrush Day Grant could help your organisation receive up to £25,000. If you win the award, your organisation must use the funds to host events and activities during Windrush Day 2021.

4. How to Apply

You can apply for the Windrush Day Grant by downloading the application from the website.
Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll need to email it to windrushprojects@communities.gov.uk. Also, include the phrase Windrush Day Grant in the subject line when you return your application.

Youth COVID-19 Support Fund

Youth COVID-19 Support Fund is there for CIC and charities

The UK government sponsors the Youth COVID-19 Support Fund. With the fund, the government hopes to mitigate the impact of lost income throughout the winter during the coronavirus. Organisations can apply for the funding to continue providing vital support to the community.

1. What They Fund

What they fund

The Youth COVID-19 Support Fund focuses on struggling but impactful youth organisations. The fund supports grassroots youth clubs, uniformed youth groups and national youth and umbrella organisations.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

England nonprofits can apply for a Youth COVID-19 Support Fund grant. Your organisation must serve youth between the ages of 15 and 18 years old to qualify for the grant. However, if your group serves individuals with special educational needs, you can serve beneficiaries as old as 25 years old.

3. How Much Can You Apply For

Local organisations can apply for £250,000 or 25% of annual expenditures, whichever amount is lower. Meanwhile, national organisations can apply for the lower amount between £2 million or 25% of annual expenditures.

4. How to Apply

Your organisation can apply for the Youth COVID-19 Support Fund grant using the fund’s online portal. Conversely, you can download the application and email it to the provided address.

Hope Beyond

The Hope Beyond grant helps churches and Christian charities

The Hope Beyond grant helps churches and Christian charities meet the needs of the community. The grant aids nonprofits and communities in meeting the challenges of managing the coronavirus pandemic.

1. What They Fund

The Hope Beyond grant funds innovative, impactful projects that will help people flourish after the pandemic lockdown. Nonprofit applicants must also help beneficiaries build resilience and encourage hope in the community.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

Nonprofits that need funding for project-related salaries and other costs throughout 2021 can apply for a Hope Beyond grant. Organisations can also use the funds to purchase assets such as real estate and equipment. Furthermore, your organisation can use the funds for accessibility renovations and COVID-19 safety measures.

3. How Much Can You Apply For

Hope Beyond awards grants of up to £50,000 to churches and Christian charities. The grant covers between 10% and 80% of the costs of nonprofit projects. Grant priority goes to the most disadvantaged areas.

4. How to Apply

To apply for a Hope Beyond grant, you’ll need to complete an online application. With your application, you’ll also need to upload your project budget.

COVID-19 Homeless Support Fund

The foundation created the fund to help homeless individuals

The Morrisons Foundation sponsors the COVID-19 Homeless Support Fund.

The foundation created the fund to help homeless individuals who are particularly vulnerable during COVID-19. The Morrisons Foundation targets the homeless population because they are more likely to have underlying health conditions. They also have less access to basic sanitation.

1. What They Fund

For this reason, the Morrisons Foundation established the COVID-19 Homeless Support Fund. The fund supports charities that aid the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

Nonprofits must meet one of three broad criteria for funds eligibility.

1. Must provide outreach for rough sleepers, including essential provisions.
2. Must deliver services to shelters and hostels
3. Must provide information and advice to the homeless population

Also, your nonprofit must have registered with the Commission/OSCR for at least one year.

3. How Much Can You Apply For

The Morrisons Foundation awards COVID-19 Homeless Support Fund grants to organisations that make a positive difference in the community. A grant might fund projects for up to £25,000.

4. How to Apply

The Morrisons Foundation asks that applicants read the grant instructions carefully. The site provides a PDF document with a list of questions that your organisation must answer using the online grant application.

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