March Roundup of the Latest Grant Funding Advice

Despite the current challenges presented by COVID-19, philanthropy is alive and well.

Fundraising enables organisations to provide many benefits to the community. The key to fundraising, however, is connecting with the right people.

How to apply for Grants in the uk

There are many kinds of charitable organisations that range in size from small to large. Every organisation can make a positive contribution to society—no matter its size. Ultimately, it’s about the effort that you put forth to help others.

However, organisations of all sizes also need charity funding. Hopefully, the following sources will point you in the right direction for the types of grants to meet your group’s needs.

Keep reading for a March roundup of the latest social grant funding advice.

Education & Young People

Education & Young People is one of several initiatives sponsored by the Drapers’ Charitable Fund. The fund is earmarked for organisations that improve the quality of life and aspirations of people and communities. It mainly aids socially excluded and disadvantaged groups.

1. What They Fund

Drapers’ Charitable Fund Education & Young People provides funding for charities in greater London. The funds go to projects involving education and social welfare.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

Your organisation must support young people who’re underserved in the areas of education, training or sustainable employment. Furthermore, those individuals must come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have a desire to improve their circumstances.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

There’s no minimum or maximum amount of Drapers’ Charitable Fund Education & Young People funding. However, the organisation typically awards funds of up to £15,000, and in some cases, might award larger grants.

4. How to Apply

You must submit a detailed proposal document to apply for Drapers’ Charitable Fund Education & Young People funding. You can download the application from the Drapers’ Charitable Fund website and return it via email to

Royal Victoria Hall Foundation

Each year, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation awards 20 to 30 grants to London’s small-scale professional theatre projects. The goal of the grant is to promote high-quality live performances among nontraditional groups.

1. What They Fund

The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation only provides awards to theatre companies rather than individuals. Your organisation can apply for the grant if you can verify that you have a venue booked for your production.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

You don’t have to operate a registered theatre company to qualify for a Royal Victoria Hall Foundation grant. However, you must have a bank account in your company’s name. Also, qualifying organisations must have the ability to present their detailed financial activity for the last year.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

Typically, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation awards grants of between £250 and £2,000. If you apply for the grant, you must specify the exact amount you’re requesting.

4. How to Apply

If you believe that your theatre company meets eligibility for the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation grant, you’ll need to complete a detailed application. The foundation provides a comprehensive list of application requirements on its website.

The Span Trust

The Span Trust works to advance urban renewal through the improvement of the built environment in underserved areas. The trust provides funding for the maintenance or improvement of public amenities that will benefit the community.

1. What They Fund

The Span Trust funds projects that work toward alleviating community poverty, disability or health issues. A nonprofit organisation must sponsor the urban renewal program.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

To qualify for charity funding from the Span Trust, your organisation must carry out a project that alleviates the charitable needs of either low-income individuals, the disabled, seniors or those with ill health. Your project can provide recreational space for the benefit of the community or other charitable purposes as deemed fit by the trust.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

Awards for Span Trust funding start at £5,000. However, they can go as high as £20,000.

4. How to Apply

You’ll need to fill out the Span Trust application form to apply for funding, which you can download from its website. The trust accepts applications until the last Friday of January and the last Friday of June and notifies recipients of awards shortly after those dates.

Trust for London

The Trust for London is a social investment group that supports frontline organisations and businesses that work to mitigate poverty and inequality. The trust supports long-term, sustainable programs.

1. What They Fund

The Trust for London supports organisations that promote positive social outcomes. Your organisation must also demonstrate that its impact investments create financial returns.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

The trust considers many kinds of investments. For example, it may invest in a community project to tackle poverty and inequality. Alternatively, the trust might invest in the growth of a social enterprise.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

The Trust for London is quite flexible in its funding terms. In most instances, however, it will offer an investment of between £50,000 and £1 million. Furthermore, the trust considers short, medium and long-term investment proposals.

4. How to Apply

If you wish to apply for Trust for London funding, you’ll need to do so in two stages. First, you’d submit a summary of your proposal. If the trust feels that your proposal has potential, they’ll ask you to create a more detailed proposal.

You can learn more about the Trust for London by contacting Douglas Gunn by post at 4 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4UP. Alternatively, you can message Mr Gunn at or call 020 7606 6145.

Boosting Community Business London

Boosting Community Business London enables community groups to establish and grow community businesses. The program is supported by the Mayor of London and is designed to boost the capital’s high streets, civic centres and other areas.

1. What They Fund

Boosting Community Business London funds existing London-based community businesses. Select participants with existing community businesses who want to develop community share offers may qualify for funding.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

You must intend to use the funds to cover costs associated with the Standard Mark for Enterprises assessment to qualify for funding. You can also apply for funds to spend on the promotion of the offer campaign.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

Organisations can apply for grants of up to £10,000.

4. How to Apply

You can apply for Boosting Community Business London funding starting Friday, 2 April. The application deadline for the program is Monday, 12 April. You’ll find the Boosting Community Business London application on the program’s website.

Hall and Woodhouse Community Chest

The Hall and Woodhouse Community Chest works to improve the lives and facilities of community residents. The group seeks to promote, encourage and support community involvement by providing nonprofit funding to groups with clear goals.

1. What They Fund

The organisation accepts applications from any nonprofit or community organisation. However, your group must conduct trade in select areas.

These areas include the region across the south of England. It also includes the area from Devon to Kent and north to Bristol, Swindon, Bracknell and London.

2. Criteria and Eligibility

You can use Hall and Woodhouse Community Chest funding for many purposes. For example, you may apply for funding for youth work or preschool extracurricular activity programs. Alternatively, you might request funding to aid those with disabilities, to promote local arts and culture or a handful of other approved purposes.

For instance, you might use the funds to meet your organisation’s need for equipment such as furniture or transportation. You could also use the funds for services such as training or professional assistance.

3. How Much Can You Apply For?

Applicants can apply for grants ranging from £400 to £4,000.

4. How to Apply

You must demonstrate a genuine need for funding to apply for a Hall and Woodhouse Community Chest award. If you meet this criterion, you can download the application from the organisation’s website.

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Funding Opportunities

With the right connections, you can find the funding you need to help your organisation meet its goals. Hopefully, you’ve learned of a valuable resource after re-viewing our March roundup of the latest social grant funding advice.

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