April Roundup of the Latest Grant Funding Advice

Grant funding is always changing, so what is new for April? Here is an April roundup of the latest grant funding advice.

From getting the word out about your CIC to creating a positive impact in the community, nonprofit leaders face many challenges.

Non-profit fundraising is one of those challenges. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn about April’s Roundup of available grants for community interest companies.

Nonprofits, charities and community interest companies come up with innovative ways to raise revenue every year. However, CIC grants continue to serve as one of the primary pillars of fundraising.

Community Foundation

In April, several funders are geared up and ready to aid in getting people moving again with the arrival of beautiful weather. For an April Roundup of the latest grant funding advice, continue reading.

The Community Foundation supports causes in Tyne & Wear as well as Northumberland and across North East England. The group distributes funds provided by nearly 300 benefactors.

Community Foundation grants are competitive. However, the organisation offers helpful guidelines on its website.

What They Fund
The organisation provides funding for children, young people and other individuals. However, it also provides grants for social enterprise costs or other purposes.

Criteria and Eligibility
The Community Foundation provides funding to young people who cannot pursue their dreams. However, it also provides funds to organisations that provide charitable and public benefits.
Organisations can apply for funding activities. You can also apply for one of the organisation’s funding programmes to improve life circumstances for people and communities.

How Much Can You Apply For?
You can apply for a grant of between £750 and £1,500 for a child or young person in the west-end of Newcastle. In Northumberland, you can apply for an individual grant between £250 and £2,000.

Meanwhile, organisations can apply for small grants of £1,000 to £10,000. On average, the Community Foundation awards grants of about £6,000. The group doesn’t entertain applications of less than £750.

How to Apply For a Grant
You can apply for a Community Foundation grant using the site’s online form.

Made by Sport

Made by Sport provides grassroots funding for sports clubs and organisations. The group maintains a list of several types of grants. The latest opportunities include:
• Baillie Gifford• Club Matters• Crowdfunder• GiveToLocal• Sport England• Sported• UK Community Foundations
Each opportunity provides varying funding.

What They Fund
Made by Sports supports appropriate sports-related causes. For example, Sport England offers the Tackling Inequalities Fund. Meanwhile, GiveToLocal is dedicated to bringing communities together through sports.

Criteria and Eligibility
Again, each opportunity varies. For example, the Made by Sport – Sports opportunity supports groups that host sessions or physical activities to improve social outcomes. It also provides support for nonprofit fundraising, governance and training administration of sports-related organisations.

How Much Can You Apply For?
Each group provides differing funding. Crowdfunder, for instance, can help groups raise up to £10,000 for sports-related projects.

How to Apply For a Grant
Organisations can apply for a grant by exploring the various available opportunities on the Made by Sport site and following the “View more here” link for more information.

Community Funding

Community Funding is open to all organisations that meet the group’s criteria, including those who need support for the pandemic. The organisation also offers several larger and long-term funding opportunities that cover the entire United Kingdom.

What They Fund
Currently, Community Funding supports the people and communities most adversely impacted by the pandemic. Program support varies by location.

Criteria and Eligibility
Community Funding does not limit the type of organisations that it helps. It’s funded many different kinds of groups. For instance, Community Funding provided funding for SERV Wessex, a group that delivers medical essentials such as medicine and blood transfusions.

Community Funding also provided assistance for the Shettleston Community Growing Project, a program that works to beautify underserved public spaces in Glasgow. Likewise, the organisation provided funding for the Carmarthenshire Youth and Children’s Association to help with counselling and mentoring sessions for children.

How Much Can You Apply For?
Community Funding provides funding above £10,000.

How to Apply For a Grant
You can apply for a Community Funding grant opportunity by selecting a program that meets your needs on the website and following the provided prompts. The prompts will lead you to the appropriate online grant application.

Heritage Fund

The Heritage Fund supports groups that want to pass their values, or heritage, on to future generations. The group emphasises that heritage can mean different things to different people.

What They Fund
The Heritage Fund aids varying causes. Heritage related causes can include memories and experiences usually recorded as oral history.
Heritage may also include festivals or crafts meant to promote cultural traditions. It might even include historical buildings, monuments and environments that are pivotal for telling the story of a people.

Criteria and Eligibility
The organisation accepts applications from not-for-profit organisations and local authorities. They also accept applications from public sector organisations and private owners of heritage groups. In either case, applicants must need access to support for adaptation and greater resilience of their cultural projects.

How Much Can You Apply For?
The Heritage Fund issues funds via lottery. The lottery ranges from £3,000 to £10,000 and £10,000 to £100,000.

How to Apply For a Grant
Organisations can apply for a grant using the Heritage Fund project inquiry form.

Sport England

Sport England invests in public sports and physical activity. The group’s mission is to make physical activity a normal part of life for everyone. Accordingly, it has a 10-year strategy to help make people more active.

What They Fund
Sport England funds groups that support sports and physical activity clubs and organisations. In part, Sport England wants to encourage increased physical activity in the face of the pandemic.

Criteria and Eligibility
Organisations can use funds to cover the cost of delivering community services for groups that are smaller than normal due to COVID-19. You can also use the funds for the cost of purchasing safety equipment and maintaining pandemic-related hygiene.

How Much Can You Apply For?
Sport England provides funding in varying amounts. The organisation uses a national lottery to make awards of between £300 and £10,000. Altogether, the group distributes £250 million annually.

How to Apply For a Grant
To begin the process, you’ll need to find the right program for your group. After finding the right program, the site will walk you through the grant application process.

United St Saviour’s Grant

The United St Saviour’s Grant is available for organisations across the London Borough of Southwark. Organisations that contribute to community investment outcomes can apply for funding.

What They Fund
The United St Saviour’s Grant funds programmes that support positive ageing in Southwark. The group also funds programmes that give residents equal opportunities in life. The organization also operates a small grants program.

How Much Can You Apply For?
The organisation has currently expanded its funding to assist with the coronavirus. For now, it has closed its large grants program for 2021.
However, the small grants program will resume on 23 April 2021. The organisation will provide more information at that time.

How to Apply For a Grant
The United St Saviour’s Grant will also provide information on applying for the small grants program in late April when funding resumes.

Grow Your CIC with the Right Grant Funding Advice

There you have it, an April Roundup of the latest grant funding advice. However, there’s much more you can learn about accessing funding for your organisation.

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